In 1997 Franoszek attended extension seminars in script writing and film at the UCLA in order to move behind the camera. She also worked for Universal Pictures as a German dubbing supervisor on feature films like “Snow Falling on Cedars” by Scott Hicks.
In 1999 she made her directorial debut at the Pacific Resident Theatre, Los Angeles with two Strindberg plays starring, among others, Orson Bean (Being John Malkovich), Alley Mills (Going Berserk), Paula Malcomson (Deadwood).
She worked as a casting director and liaison to the Actors studio for Academy Award winning director Wolfgang Becker and performed in the first staged reading of critically acclaimed movie “Good bye Lenin” in Los Angeles.
In 2006 she made her debut as a movie director with the courtroom drama “Der große Videoschwindel” (i.e. “The Big Con”, Directors Cut). The short feature film on the subject of “Article 5, the right of freedom of expression” is part of the feature length episode film GG19 (a series of short films dealing with the first 19 articles of the German Constitution). GG19 premiered in May 2007 and was invited to the International Cannes Festival 2007, German Film section.