Nina Franoszek is an established stage and screen actor who works internationally and lives in Berlin and Los Angeles. She is the daughter of renowned artists Sabine Franek and the late Art Professor Eduard Franoszek.
Nina started out as a dancer and was the life model of the “wild painters” Rainer Fetting, G.L. Gabriel and Salome, members of the ambitious artists group “Die Jungen Wilden” (Young Wild Ones).
An encounter with Samuel Beckett in Berlin, while directing Rick Cluchey, (founder of the San Quentin Drama Workshop, Nick Nolte played him in “Weeds”) initiated Nina’s passion for the Art of Acting when she was 15 years old. She studied Mime, dance and drama in Vienna and graduated from College a year earlier to enhance her theatrical talent.
Actors Studio Lifetime Member Walter Lott became her first acting teacher. They met at his “Method Acting” Seminar at the German Film & Televison Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. Nina was the youngest actress in Germany, who was trained in “The Method” and in particular for her first leading role in “Wiederholung” (“Recurrence”). The TV Movie and Nina's strong performance were discussed in a following Talk Show, specifically how the “American Way of Acting” could affect the work of European filmmakers and actors.
At 17 she caught the attention of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the enfant terrible of the New German Cinema, while he was shooting “Querelle” (1982) followed by a twofold screen debut in “Domino” by Thomas Brasch and “Sei Zärtlich, Pinguin” (i.e.“Be Gentle Penguin,”) by Peter Hajek the same year.
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While shooting her first movies she continued her formal training at the University for Music Drama & Media in Hanover, Germany graduated with a BFA and MFA in Performing Arts in 1986.
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